Nacionales Mexico 3ra Etapa (por Pato Concha = TABUSHI)
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    Nacionales Mexico 3ra Etapa (por Pato Concha = TABUSHI)

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    (sorry no me dio tiempo a traducirlo)

    Hi guys,

    I participated on the Mexican Nationals, 3rd Stage at the Monterrey City - México.

    I got 2 classes, Buggy 1/8th and Open Monster Truck (not truggy allowed).

    The track was very technical and bumpy, lots of traction on a section with greeen carpet and good challenge on a "S" section with very hard packed rocks as racing surface ... not too small, not too big, short straights but a lot of bumps and curves to enjoy ...

    My MT experience :

    - Saturday. The first 2 of three heats (10 minutes each) were very scary, i was in a group of "kamikaze" pilots so i ended with my Tamiya TNX PRO broken the first 2 times. On the 3rd heat i did my job avoiding crashed and put the TQ.

    - Sunday. Feeling "secure" about the TQ, i didnt raced the last and 4th heat, and did pits for a friend (faster MT pilot in Mexico) and DAMN !!!, he got my TQ for 0.67 seconds !!! ... anyway, its a great guy so i was happy for him :flaming: . Started second on the A-Main (30 minutes) and did a mistake on the minute 2 and ended 6th place so i tried and tried and recovered until catching the 2nd place, Jorge (my friend and top MT driver) was very fast with his new and race-prepared Revo 3.3 and i was having a very hard time trying to catch him ... i was 1 lap behind him just for seconds and by the minute 27 i was about to get him and i lost a shock end (my mistake, used buggy ones all over but i put a long one there so it unscrewed itself) ... so i ended racing the last 3 minutes on 3 shocks just trying to not get catched by the 3rd place ... end of the race, Jorge on first, me on second and Said (anothe revo driver) in third ... 6 or 7 revos 3.3's on the A-Main, man that things are like plague and that .20 engine really fly on the track heheheheh ...

    Here are the final A-Main MT results (im PATO CONCHA) :

    Here you can see the B-Main Monster Truck Results and Podium :

    Now, Buggy time ...

    Saturday. Being my second national level race on Buggy Class, i was having a hard time getting the right setup with my Jammin FTE for the track, by the end of the third heat on Saturday, i was on 14th position over buggy 22 pilots, Humberto Gutierrez Jr. (14 years old !!!, great future!!) was the fastest guy on the track with his RB engine and Mugen Prospec buggy. My STS .21T engine was giving me a lot of power and being one of the few guys clearing the triple i was confident of the powerplant i had and my Jammin, just with faults on setup and "fingers on radio". Not very happy with my job at the track but hey ... i was having a great time and learing a lot from other more experienced drivers. By that time the best tire results i got from Panther Komodo 2's ... (thanks Bob Prince from !!!).

    Sunday. We still had one extra heat to run so i prepared my Jammin and did a suspension mod changing my 40 wt all around shock oil setup (one extra piston hole on the back) to 50wt all around and 4mm extra preload all around (ending with 6mm on the front and 10mm on the rear) and tried CrimeFighters for that last heat, and wow ... i jumped from 14th to 8th position so i ended really really happy, even without getting the A-Main, i checked my plug and it was in very very bad shape and i didnt had any other of the same brand, so i witched to another brand, same "temp range". I prepared myself for the B-Main (30 minutes) and did a very bad start cause on the woops sections i ended wheels up and got back to 8th position or so, going up and up during the first 6 minutes of racing to get the 2nd place again ... entered to the pits (thanks agin Bob for doing pits for me) and refueled and baaaaammm, flamed out at the 2nd curve ... marshal got me bac to the pits, started again and baaaaammmm, flamed out again. Third try of getting back to race, my pitman holded the buggy on the air to rev up the engine, got back on race and no more problems ... after 6 1/2 minutes my pitman asked me to refuel once again, refueled, second curve and baaaaaammm ... flameout again !!! ... marshall got my buggy back to pits and my pitman closed my high end needle by almost 1/4 turn, got back on race and after that i didnt had any problems on the next refuels ... bad luck and bad desition on switching plug brands withou re-tune the engine ...

    So, that way ended my day on buggy racing ... im still very frustrated on the results, i know i would jumped to the A-Main anyway ... this hobby have good and bad ones eheheheh ... after that i pited for Bob Prince and he made, after a great job on the track, the third place (40 minutes of racing).

    Here is the results and podiums ...

    Buggy A-Main :

    Buggy B-Main :

    About brands, as far as i remember :

    - MT A-Main :

    1st Place : Revo 3.3, .20 traxxas engine
    2nd Place : Tamiya TNX PRO, OS .18 TZ engine
    3rd Place : Revo 3.3, .20 traxxas engine

    - Buggy A-Main :

    1st Place : Mugen ProSpec, RB
    2d Place : Kyosho, Novarossi
    3rd Place : Jammin, RB S5

    video (sorry, i just have 4 short videos to share this timem small versions, if you need big ones just ask me by email, at least you can know the place where the event took place) :

    Bob Prince 3rd Qualify 1/8th Buggy, small version 428x240 pixels (right click to save)

    Pato Concha 3rd Qualify MT, small version 428x240 pixels (right click to save)

    Pato Concha 2nd Qualify 1/8th Buggy, small version 428x240 pixels (right click to save)

    Pato Concha B-Main 1/8th Buggy, small version 428x240 pixels (right click to save)

    Thanks to all people at Monterrey City in Mexico, the organization for the event was great, and all pilots from all over Mexico (and Bob from USA) who attended the event were great people inside and outside the track ...

    Special Thanks to my sponsors :

    - Maxy's Fuels (fuel and chassis)
    - (STS engines)
    - PowerSave Racing (Air Filters, used by a big gorup of pilots during the event, all were very happy after testing this great product)

    Well, next stage and last one of the year will be at Guadalajara City by October 13th to 15th so ... see you there !!
    Patricio "PATO" Concha

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