Hola a todos, hace unos años que tengo un Kyosho Lazer ZX-Sport, tiene un variador mecánico y estoy pensando cambiarlo y poner un variador electrónico, encontré uno bien de precio: MOPED ESC Electronic Speed Control for 1/10 RC Car
Specifications :
Input Voltage: 4.8V-8.4V (4-7Cells)
"ON" resistance: 0.00165 ohm
Impulse current of MOSFET: 125A
PWM frequency: 2K-4KHZ
BEC output voltage: 5.0V (2A)
Easy setup

features :
Large built-in heat sink to cool the MOSFET
Power boost circuitry maintains steering-servo voltage when battery power drops
4KHz switching smooth throttle response
Smart braking
Automatic brake(ABS)
Real-time braking
One-touch push button setup with LED for easy programming withoout requiring external devices
100% digital circuitry
Heavy-duty power wires
External solder tabs
Quick start circuitry
BCE voltage regulation
Incredibly low resistance for higher speed and minimal power loss
Lightweight and small enough to fit anywhere

¿Vale para mi coche? mirando el libro de instrucciones dice que lleva un motor Peppy LeMans stock 05.
Gracias. Saludos.