hola chispomaniacos j
veries tengo una duda ,he encontrado un variador que me viene al pelo en cuanto a medidas y en cuanto a precio,pero no se si tiene marcha atras y freno ,haber si vosotros lo conoceis y me podeis ayudar
hexTronik PRO 10A BESC w/ PC Programmability

Speed Controller Features
High rate (10 KHz) switching (PWM)
2 to 3 Cells lipo
Dynamic braking ensures prompt prop folding.
BEC (2.0A) provides power to receiver and servos.
Over temperature protection.
User programmable Features.
Low-voltage protection - Programmable
Cutoff can be programmed for motor stop or reduced power.
Brake Type.
Throttle Range.
Timing Advance.
Safe “power on?arming program.
Low torque “soft start?prevents damage to fragile gearboxes.
Auto shut down in 4sec after signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe.
Microprocessor controlled.
Programmable rotation.


Max Load : 11A
Voltage Range : 2-3 cell

With thinner wires and the heatsink removed the BESC can weight around 9grams. heatsink isnt needed for applications with 8A max

decir que lo quiero para un coche y por lo menos el freno es necesario
muchas gracias y saludos